Welcome to Babylon!


Happy Spring to all! It’s a relief to have the worse of the weather behind us and the best ahead of us. Once again, our Babylon Village maintenance, sanitation and DPW crews worked throughout the winter ensuring our roadways, sidewalks and municipal parking lots were as safe and accessible as possible. Kudos for their diligence and effort. The welcome sights of spring and summer are everywhere. The E. Donald Conroy Golf Course is in excellent condition and open for play and the Village Pool is in better shape than ever, opening for the season on June 24th.

Our annual Little League Parade kicked off baseball season on April 22nd. Our playing fields are in terrific shape, thanks to the combined efforts of Skip Gardner, our Village Highway Crew and many dedicated volunteers. Thanks also to our little league volunteers for laying down the clay and sod. Stroll down one afternoon and catch some of the action. It’s quintessential small-town living at its best.

April 22nd also saw the Village celebrate Earth Day, with cleanups occurring at several sites that help improve our local waterways. Volunteers collected over 100 bags of garbage, 40 tires and assorted metal debris.

Ongoing improvement projects continue throughout our Village, with more scheduled to start shortly. Skip Gardner and his crew have been rebuilding drains on many Village roadways and drainage improvements and paving on Locust Avenue from Route 109 to Livingston Avenue are on the calendar. In addition, new Smart Sponge boxes continue to be installed throughout the Village to aid pre-treatment of rain water. Road and drainage projects are not the only way Babylon Village undergoes improvement. The Babylon Village Fire Department has just added a new ambulance to its fleet of rescue vehicles, all with an eye toward making our Village as safe and secure as possible for all residents.

Our Village is one of Long Island’s most picturesque and I urge all our residents to enjoy its beauty and many activities. We’ve worked hard through the years to create a pedestrian-friendly, safe and walkable community for residents and visitors. Take a stroll through our vibrant downtown, visit the Sunday Farmer’s Market beginning June 4th, shop locally and enjoy the numerous entertainment and recreation opportunities Babylon offers. The upcoming 12th Annual Dirty Sock Run sponsored by our local Rotary Club will take place on August 13th along the greenway from Park Avenue through Southards Pond to Belmont State Park. The Rotary and Hapi Auer hope to exceed last year’s number of participants as proceeds benefit our Village food pantries.

Babylon Village has just had its 4th migration of Alewives since 1889. The Alwive is a fish of integral importance to the Great South Bay’s delicate ecosystem. We are working to live stream the cameras that have been placed at the Alewife ladder (just west of the waterfall at Argyle Lake) so that students and other interested Suffolk County viewers can witness the migration of the Alewives. This migration is another exciting sign that many of the Village’s environmental protection programs are succeeding and thriving.

On behalf of the Village Trustees – Kevin Muldowney, Anthony Davida, Deborah Basile and Mary Adams – I send good wishes for health, happiness and humor to all. Let us know of any concerns you may have regarding the Village. Your comments are always appreciated and your ideas always taken under consideration. We will continue to work tirelessly to ensure Babylon Village is the best it can be.